Webmaster College - Learn how to make your site HUGE!

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Webmaster College - Learn how to make your site HUGE!

Post by Xyphien on Sun May 15, 2016 4:00 am

Webmaster.College isn't going to be the same as the other webadmin websites, this is dedicated to more intelectual, and helpful types of conversatations, and is something I hope to be a service more than just a lounge. I wish to have people help one another, and generally learn from. This way new webmasters can come and ask questions, whilst old ones can help. So many times people just use promotion sites to advertise, and the thing with them is, they don't bring in too many people on average on their own. When doing anything, it's like building a house. Before you get the walls, you must have the foundation, and WC is here to provide the foundation for webmasters. I'd like to teach them strategies, and ways to go about making their site popular, efficient, and successful. I own a website that I feel is on the bigger side with over 300k views a month, and that gains 50-100 members a day. So I'd like to take what I learned and help other webmasters out with the things I've learned through the 7 years of making forums.

is a site that is getting set up, and is still in testing phases. After getting a website to the point where staff over at FP were asking me for some help and information on how to get traffic, etc. on their site I decided to make WC to allow people to talk, discuss, and learn about everything webmaster related. If you're new to the webmaster game, it's a nice thing to check it out and hopefully learn some things from it, if you're an older, more experienced webmaster, it's still nice to check it out and help out other webmasters with anything they may need help with!

Website domain is: https://webmaster.college


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